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Science of Price Behaviour, A Price Based Study On Demand And Supply for trading / investment in Equity, Commodity and Forex.


SUCCESS LIES IN SIMPLICITY ……..Trading / Investing in markets is very simple, don’t complicate it by following a lot of studies or indicators or tools because, “complexity creates fog, simplicity clears it” and as far as financial market is concerned…………






Price movement has given birth to various studies and their indicators like:  (ELLIOT Wave / Neo Wave Theory, GANN Theory and Wolf Wave Theory), different chart patterns or Candle patterns, different indicators (Volume, Rsi, Macd, Bolinger Band, Ichimoku Etc.) and different oscillators, trend lines, channels, moving averages, different type of support / resistance and their levels like Fibonacci or Pivot or Camrilla or Gann Square of 9 levels, etc.)


If price doesn’t move, none of the studies or indicators, mentioned above will work. As they are all based on the Closing Price.


There are basically two ways of trading / investing in markets, either by predicting them or by following the current momentum or the current market price (CMP).


Technical Analysis study teaches us how to predict the markets through different above mentioned studies or tools, that actually lag instruments because they depend on Closing Price (CP). In other words, technical analysis is proved wrong many times because it  Indicates or Signals about further price movements after a huge gap in rates.


But price action shows us instantly, in the running / Live Market…..through Current Market Price (CMP)…..that what are the  current movements taking place in price (Demand Or Supply) or the current momentum or the activities of big players or smart money makers without any help of any kind of so called technical analysis or above mentioned tools.  


By and large, price is the primary factor because instant happening of demand, supply and unwinding is reflected in CMP first and then followed by all different studies or indicators, are all the secondary partsWe all are busy in studying or following the secondary part instead of the primary part. Why not to put our potential in learning and following the primary segment that is price (only current market price)  on which  all the above mentioned studies and their indicators are based. So, don’t try to predict the markets (which technical analysis people generally do) instead just follow the price action (CMP) based on demand and supply and always be with the momentum.


To get success in the share market our main focus should be on price behaviour. When we focus only on the price behavior market is “Better Up” and “Worse Down”. So, respect the price action and follow it properly to trade or invest in the markets and leave the rest for the soothsayer and unsettled fellow traders.




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