About I.A.t.s

IATS, Institute of Advanced Technical studies, founded in 2009, is the brainchild Of Mr. Rajeev Bhatia. It is the first and, the one and only financial market training institute which helps investors and traders to learn the basics of share market through “PRICE ACTION” i.e. to say The Science Of Price Behaviour, a Study Based On Demand And Supply by taking into consideration the Current Market Price (CMP) in the Live  Market.  The views and ideas along with the strategies that we teach herein are distinct from those of other unsuccessful traders, as the only belief that others rely on is that PREDICTION is the only key tool to become a successful trader where as actually Prediction is like a bone in the fish.


After a prolonged study and  years of practical experience we have observed that the main reason for traders getting perplexed in the share market and not being able to earn the desired amount of  money  is that everyone is trying to predict the market through complex theories of prominent brand names Like Dow, Elliot & Gann and other famed indicators and oscillators who actually lag instruments only because of one main reason that all of them are focusing on closing price, which causes the recognition of the demand or supply after a major rise or fall in price. But non follows  the Current Market Price (CMP), which  would help them easily recognise instant fluctuations of demand and supply in the running market or the current momentum or exact activities of big players or smart money which is reflected in CMP initially and then follow all the technical instruments or what we call By Closing Price. Concisely, CMP is the primary instrument but most participants run after the secondary tool, that is, closing price which is certainly a wrong idea. So we hereby instead of predicting the markets, emphasize on price following because it always keeps one with the momentum and but of course is also a better strategy. 


We, at IATS have the sole goal to educate people about price analysis and strengthen their Knowledge by leveraging the power of  price behaviour study based on demand and supply to deliver straight forward and practical approach without any kind of confusion. And at the same time to achieve constant trading/investment success and maximize profits at all times irrespective of the market scenario even in the most volatile conditions. This mission had started eight years ago and today we proudly say that our goals have been accomplished. Till date we have taught hundreds of people from all walks of life, around the globe. Today we can proudly say that most of our students are successful traders / investors. The key to their continuous Success is a clear and precise knowledge of Price Action Methodology and deep understanding of demand supply opportunities. Their ongoing profits and a safe capital has become a regular scenario and seems to know no limitations.


Mr. Rajeev Bhatia is also kind enough to shares his experience by organising regular seminars about Financial Market and Money Management. He organises classes about Power of Compounding and Wealth Creation along with specialised programs on handling anxiety, greed and fear carefully. On the stream line are also motivational programs on self motivation, entrepreneurship, leadership, human behaviour and mindset.


Mr. Rajeev Bhatia also feels privileged to be the sole proprietor of “sharemarketdiaries”, a U tube channel.  In which he has shared his experience of over thirteen years on Price Analysis. He is observed talking straight and practically about the analysis of Price Action.


He endorses the rule, “The Current Market Price (CMP) Is Your Best Friend” and follows the mantra of- “Buy Or Short Sell Right And Hold Tight”. He believes that trading or investing in equity, forex or commodity is a sure shot hardcore business that works on Supply and Demand Principle and is cyclical in nature. Moreover being bearish and bullish are the seasons of this market.


He firmly believes that, at the initial stages of the business of share market (like that of any other market), one must learn and invest on educating himself with the thorough knowledge of a better understanding of the share market and its concepts. This is important due to the fact that each one of us who enters the Financial Market does so with the ultimate aim of making money, by investing just the minimal amount, We here by believe that successful traders or investors are made rather than born. Anyone and everyone can be successful in trading/investment by the right amount of devotion towards time to study on acquiring knowledge about how the share market works. So here we are to help you to resolve all your queries and doubts related to this complex market.


Come join us, Learn with us, Gain knowledge and Out shine others.”


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