My Journey, Message & Golden Rules

I, Rajeev Bhatia (Co-Founder of IATS), a price analyst, speaker and motivator, having a rich experience of more than a decade began my career in the mid 2000, in the Financial Market, as a trader and gradually became an investor and later an educator to share my experience and spread my knowledge so that others can also benefit from it. Till date I have helped hundreds of people to become successful traders/investors by providing them straight and practical knowledge about Price Action, based on Demand and Supply through various educational programs.


My journey started as a learner…….


I, started my journey in the financial market as a lay man and like all others my thoughts were – Share market is a place where I will be able to make money, as market remains an interesting avenue to become a millionaire overnight and in order to achieve my target, I have spent considerable time on TV channels, internet, free seminars, brokers advises, tips providers and even on some friends’ recommendations (to which later I realised that they themselves had no or partial knowledge) etc. Doing all this, ruined some part of my capital as well, because there I got just the outer frame of the markets, not the full and practical information.  (As half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge)


It was then that I learnt my first lesson, that trading or investing is just a form of business and making money from it without gaining enough knowledge will not be possible. Then I came to know about the study of Technical Analysis, and I started my next step and that was to start gathering knowledge about these studies. So, I started to learn, understand and implement them. Soon I realised that studying them was not of much benefit because this development led to an overload of signals and was confusing because most of the times the indications given by the two indicators were contradictory.  And also all of them were basically based on Closing Prices. Many of the common investors trade on these ideas without understanding their logics and end up losing their Substantial Capital.


My journey………Transformation from a Predictor to a Price Follower…….


As I studied more and more  about Technical  Analysis and its  theories and worked really hard, I finally came to the conclusion that making money is actually not that difficult, only if, I become a follower instead of a predictor because all these so called studies basically lag the basic instruments as they depend upon Closing Price. No one wants to follow either the Current Market Price (CMP), which can be easily seen or the current momentum which is reflected in CMP first and then followed by all the other technical instruments. By the time the technical theories or indicators give signals to buy or sell, a huge fluctuation takes place in the price. So, I started once again from the beginning and tried looking very closely at the movement of prices, it was only then that I realised, the fact that, by following CMP one can instantly identify, the fluctuations in price, either Demand and Supply or Unwinding. Finally by following the CMP and educating myself, I successfully regained more than I had invested and never looked back again.


My Journey…………From a Price Follower to an Educator……


During my journey I found that all over the World, traders and investors have much respect as they earn money because of their intelligence, unlike, India where the people participating in the market are considered to be worthless and are called Stodia or Juari (Gamblers). Ultimately, I realised that this is our fault as we depend upon some meaningless methods and are always trying to predict the market through complex theories, which is certainly a bad idea for creating wealth. Due to this reason many participants are thrown out of market with huge losses and unfortunately it gives the critics a chance to say that trading or investing is something fishy.


Observing this situation, I started sharing my knowledge and experience with others and finally in 2009, IATS was founded with the aim of educating the market participants with a clear view and much information about price analysis, that would arm the investors to identify and choose potential market opportunities like any other professional and retain profit consistently. Slowly and gradually, IATS has become an iconic institution in the field of educating people about price analysis. Just as the strength of an Edifice lies in its foundations, the strength of an organization lies in its values. IATS has a value system based on honesty and practicality. 


My Message……..Investing on educating yourself is always worth it


Remember knowledge stays and pays for ever, so investing your hard earned money on yourself to improve your expertise is just like giving quality food to yourself for a healthy and fit body. According to me, one must invest on educating and making himself/herself more knowledgeable to have a better understanding of the markets instead of wasting time, energy and resources on silly and funny methods. Remember a simple teaching that no one offers you a glass of water for free. When you enter the share market or any other business, the sole purpose is to make money. By investing a few thousand rupees, time and hard work to educate yourself, you are assured of earnings and support to accomplish your specific goals.


My Sincere Thanks……


Last but not the least, my sincere regards to all the brilliant contributors of the study of Price Behaviour, to whom it belongs. Because following the wisdom has made me a successful trader/investor and now I wish to extend my legacy to all others and join the list of world renowned Price Analysts, creating wealth on the way.



Golden Rules


  1. Accept that the stock / financial market is 101% hardcore business.
  2. Don’t try to become a no. 1 predictor, it will only satisfy your ego, instead become a price follower, it will multiply your wealth.
  3. Trade/invest always on the basis of price instead of on the basis of views.
  4. Learn how to do this business in a professional way and collect knowledge and experience through professional teachings or by experienced mentors , for the clarification of market value.
  5. Never ever listen to anyone else’s opinion, trust your education (Price Analysis study) with confidence.
  6. Decide with how much amount you want to start the business, analyze the risk appetite as well as the percentage of return you want at the end after deducting the expenses and taxes.
  7. Stop using the same old methods watching television, reading newspaper, taking broker’s advice, help of tips providers etc.
  8. Don’t be rigid, don’t get overconfident and don’t become emotional either.
  9. Remember you are trading/investing into other traders/investors not stocks or future contracts.
  10. Before starting any trade / investment one must analyse the risk reward ratio.
  11. Like other businesses, don’t expect gain from day one and don’t try to become rich overnight, instead try to analyze your trading/investment strategy, profit will automatically flow.
  12. Trading/investing without ‘Stop Loss’ is a dangerous omen. Always remember, people who hesitate to place a Stop Loss are the ones in loss. Moreover Stop Loss must be in the system, not in the mind.
  13. Be a smart businessman, don’t go for small moves, make handsome profit , with patience. Remember only one trade can earn you an yearly profit.
  14. Last, but not the least, the biggest discipline in this market is discipline itself, nothing else.


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