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Ans. Price Analysis as a method of evaluating the price by analysing the Demand and Supply through Current Market Price (CMP).

Ans. A Price Analyst is a price follower, who follows the price always with the momentum while a technical analyst is a predictor, who always remains in a dilemma.

Ans. As a trader / investor the ultimate objective of any investor is to identify when the situations of demand, supply and profit booking are being created, so that if there is demand one can buy, in supply one can sell and if there is unwinding one can book profit. Price Analysis is far better choice because of the following reasons:

Price Analysis

Technical Analysis

is a primary occurrence

 is a secondary occurrence

a price based study works purely on demand and supply principal

a view based study works on combination of  many parameters, tools and studies

works on current market price or real time data

works on closing price or EOD data or closing basis

shows instantly while demand, supply or unwinding is created very clearly

cannot recognize demand or supply because it works on closing or  average prices

reflects the current momentum or exact activities of big players or smart money makers

cannot reflect current momentum because it  works on closing basis or on average price

can easily recognize major activities which will happen in the coming future because current market price discounts everything

cannot recognize major activities because they are indicated or signalled  after a huge gap in rates that is why it gets proved wrong many times

is a present and advanced instrument

is a lagging or late instrument

is a 100% practical method

depends on large number of theories

Is learnt in the  live market

Is learnt while the market is not working

Ans. In today’s scenario when everyone is trying to predict the markets or the coming future through different lagging instruments, IATS, is the one and only institute where we teach how to recognise demand and supply instantly as it occurs in price in the live market with the help of current market price without any use of any kind of so called technical study or indicators.


Once you start following the current market price you need not to predict anything about the markets because one can easily see what is happening at that moment, either demand or supply or profit booking (unwinding) or the exact activities of big players or smart money and that is how all your problems will end automatically and the success story towards wealth creation will start.


So, if anyone chooses IATS basically he gets transformed from a predictor to a price follower.

Ans. IATS was founded in 2009, with the sole mission to bring awareness and educate people about price analysis. Till date we have taught hundreds of people from all walks of life and today we proudly say we have accomplished our objective and our students are now successful traders/investors because their continuous success is based on a proven price action methodology.


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Ans. Yes, this is actually true that, to watch and follow the price action there is absolutely no need for any kind of technical analysis.

Ans. Yes, price analysis works in every segment (equity, commodity and Forex) because demand and supply is everywhere and no market can move without It.

Ans. No, not at all, we here at IATS are not selling any kind of theories, softwares or indicators. We are here to educate people about how to recognize demand and supply whenever it occurs in price (Current Market Price). And also to be able to recognise it instantly in the Live market without any use of so called Technical Analysis.

Ans. There are so many things in this beautiful world of which we are unaware. That does not mean that those things do not exist, so is the case with Price Analysis also.


Moreover, we believe that the so called analysts present in the market either don’t have the complete knowledge of Price Analysis or they don’t want to disclose the complete reality of Price Analysis to traders / investors Community.

Ans. The courses available are as follows:


Online: One to one session, two hours daily, for 4 To 5 days (approx. 12 Hours)


 Offline: One to one session, 10 A.M. To 4 P.M., for two consecutive days (approx. 12 Hours)

Ans. Yes, after the completion of the course, price followers can make position from two days up to two to three months, and investment and can also make intraday trades in every segment (equity, commodity and forex) through Price Analysis.

Ans. For intraday : Minimum 50k is required, one has to be in front of the screen and alert all the time.


For positional : Minimum one Lac, fifty thousand is required for equity and minimum 80k  for commodity. And as far as time is concerned there is no need to be in front of the screen. One has to spend Maximum 8 to 10 minutes in a day but during the market hours.

Ans. Anyone who has interest in financial markets and has the desire to create wealth can be a part of the course.

Ans. No, not at all, there is absolutely no need of any pre- acquired knowledge.

Ans. Our ultimate objective is that our students make money from the market, until that goal is achieved we will be there to assist you.


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